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佐藤允彦 (Masahiko Satoh) / Sound Brakers / 1971


Masahiko Satoh & Sound Brakers - Satoh is a composer/arranger/keyboardist from Tokyo. After leaving music school he played in various jazz combos in Japan [and later, Europe and the US], and recorded his first album as the Masahiko Satoh Trio, 'Palladium' [Express/Toshiba, 1969], which won the Japan Jazz Award. In 1970 and 1972 he also won awards of excellence for two compositions. Numerous jazz albums followed, including one with Jean-Luc Ponty, one with Wolfgang Dauner and some with Stomu Yamash'ta [see below], but Satoh is perhaps best
known amongst Japanese progressive collectors for the excellent album as Masahiko Satoh & Sound Brakers, 'Amalgamation' aka 'Kokotsu no Showa Genroku' [Liberty/Toshiba, 1971], with Hiro Yanagida [see below; ex-Apryl Fool, Foodbrain] and Kimio Mizutani [see above; around the same time also playing with Love Live Life + One and People]. I've only heard one track, which is crazy psych-jazz rock jamming. Satoh also played keyboards and Moog on Mizutani's solo album. Satoh's following album consisted of electronic music, composed and performed on synthesizer - 'Switched On East/Electronic Japan' [Columbia, 1971]; I presume it's Japanese traditional music played on Moog! Satoh has continued his career in jazz and composing/arranging to the present day, and formed his own label BAJ Records in 1997.


01 Untitled 15:49
02 Untitled 21:48
Recorded at August 17 & 22, 1971, Tokyo,
SATOH Masahiko (key, perc, comp, arr),
TAKAGI Mototeru (ts, bcl, ss, et al),
TERAKAWA Masaoki (b),
Louis HAYES (dr),
TOYOZUMI Yoshisaburoh (perc),
SAKURAI Hideakira (perc, et al); & others





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