This Moment

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Steven Curtis Chapman / 2007-10-23


Steven Curtis Chapman (born November 21, 1962 in Paducah, Kentucky, U.S.) is a contemporary Christian musician who has won five Grammy awards and more Gospel Music Association awards than any other artist in history.
With nearly 10 million records sold, 51 Dove Awards, 5 Grammy's, 16 studio projects, and 41 career number 1 radio singles, Steven Curtis Chapman has made an overwhelming impact on Christian music. Chapman's insights and ideas are wiser and more wide-eyed than ever before on This Moment, his first new project in more than three years. Wisdom culled from two decades of ante-upping artistry anchors the set in a delightfully confident pop musicality. Meanwhile, the new wonders he's finding at home now on the other side of the world add passion and a worshipful air to his thoughtful lyrics.

This Moment的曲目列表

1 Miracle Of the Moment
2 Broken
3 Cinderella
4 Yours
5 Something Crazy
6 Children Of God
7 One Heartbeat At a Time
8 My Surrender
9 You Are Being Loved
10 Definition Of Me
11 With One Voice

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