Ruff Draft


Stacy Epps / 2007


It's a shame Sol Uprising is no more. As a preview to her solo LP, Stacy Epps releases her Ruff Draft project.Inspired by Dilla, these are a few pieces that are just what they're titled...rough drafts. Dope artwork...dope music.

Ruff Draft的曲目列表

01 01:39 Blessing (Prod. Apex)
02 01:59 Skin Play ft. Madlib (Prod. Dilla)
03 02:41 222 (Hit Me) ft. Muhsinah
04 02:13 Arms ft. Bilal Salaam (Prod. Madlib)
05 01:44 Loose Change (Prod. Pudgemcee)
06 03:37 Down Falling (Prod. Madlib)
07 03:49 Rhyme Cycle ft. Panama Black, Doodlebug, & Jawwaad
(Prod. Dr. WhoDat)
08 01:55 Smoky Mirrors (Prod. Apex)
09 04:30 Muthaland (Prod. Madlib)
10 03:26 Miuzik (Prod. Stacy Epps)
11 01:26 Peace (Prod. Apex)

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