Wish I Was All Flames

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Destroyalldreamers / 摇滚 / 2007-10-23


Destroyalldreamers was founded in the summer of 2002 in Montreal (Canada) by Eric Quach (guitar) & Shaun Dor‚ (drums). Their first compositions were later embellished with the addition of Mathieu Gris‚ on guitar & MichŠle Martin on bass which led to the recording of their first full-length album A Cour L‚ger Sommeil Sanglant by Patrick Lacharit‚ (Below the Sea) in early 2004. It was released later the same year on Montreal's label Where Are My Records (Barzin Epic45 Readymade etc.). Th

Wish I Was All Flames的曲目列表

Wish I Was All Flames
Cendres En Transe
A Summer Without You
Le Pianiste Météorologique
My Eyes Were On The Dancefloor
Perdre Est Une Question De Méthode
Her Brother Played The Riot I
Her Brother Played The Riot II
Her Brother Played The Riot III

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