Vegetable G / 2007-10-12


Vegetable G is certainly Giorgio, or at least is what it's said. And please don't stop to think that the G is the G of "George" because it's not. Think rather to the pleasure of the senses, that is more amusing. Luciano is not a guitarist by chance, we can say that He was unable to not to be it .. especially in this story. At the beginning it was enough this binomial and the extreme facility between the images and the sounds. In tone: guitar/electronic. But we distrust from people that don't evolve and stop to looking for. Mob! So, Vegetable G also becomes Maurizio, the drummer of the exception, The one who is not been looked for and it tries.... but he just gets to you from himself in all his character. Electronics, and then less and less and more and more wave and then less and less automatons, till to kill all of them..... and to slip in beauty, naturally splendid, to drown in the primordial broth. Can someone perhaps deny that: to go, to go beyond it's only an unpublished return? It is the genealogy of the human beings.


01. The cox man
02. Genealogy
03. Go wild
04. Generating you
05. God bless
06. Life
07. (may) Be like god
08. Run
09. Complicity
10. Us
11. The end of us




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