The Night Sky

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Keane / 2007-12-11


UK CD pressing of the British band's exclusive 2007 single, released to raise money for the UN Award winning charity War Child. ‘The Night Sky’, produced by Keane and Andy Green, is written from a child's perspective about the war-torn devastation around them. Keane became patrons of War Child in 2006 to help raise money for children caught up in conflict and post conflict areas. Their work continues with the release of this exclusive single, and also marks the beginning of a campaign to raise money for War Child’s plight to help future generations affected by war. Features 'The Night Sky' plus 'Under Pressure' and 'Put It Behind You' (Fiasco Mix). Island.

The Night Sky的曲目列表

01.The Night Sky
02.Under Pressure
03.Put It Behind You


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