Transparent Knives

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Promise And The Monster / 2007-10-15


Promise and the Monster is the moniker of Billie Lindahl, a lady from Stockholm who has made her rounds in twee pop (Carmine St.) and post-rock (Shore for Shelters). The post-rock influences in some songs are apparent, such as the one I’ve included below, but the twee feel seems to have gone from everything but her voice; one listen to “Antarktis” or “The Delusioned and Insane” should reflect that. Her voice, though, remains ethereal, and the often dark imagery she conjures complements it well. Musically, songs are simply composed, most of only acoustic guitar, but the emptiness and the melodies she injects into it feel “complete” and meticulously thought out.

Transparent Knives的曲目列表

1. Sheets
2. Night Out
3. Wither
4. Killing Fields
5. Antarktis
6. Silver Speaking
7. A Room With no View
8. Words
9. Light Reflecting Papers
10. Singel Girl, Married Girl
11. Trials
12. The Delusioned and Insane

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