Eternal Development

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GROOVEMAN SPOT aka DJ KOU G / 2006-10-02

Eternal Development的曲目列表

1. "Intro (In Search Of...)"
2. "The Blow" (feat Capitol A)
3. "Hadesugiru" (feat Count Bass D)
4. "I'm Coming"
5. "Time For The Essence" (feat Grap Luva)
6. "My Mind" (feat Hunger/Raythought/U-Zipplain)
7. "Levitation"
8. "Something Like A..." (feat Mahya)
9. "Rude Fantastic"
10. "Turn It Up" (feat MED aka Medaphoar)
11. "Meditation"
12. "Who's This" (feat MC Invinsible)
13. "Love Is In The Way" (feat Yoshika)
14. "Benzaiten Love" (feat Count Bass D)
15. "What We Do" (feat Miss Jack Davey)
16. "Maintain" (feat OC)

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