Krzysztof Penderecki: St Luke Passion

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Izabela Klosinska / Krzysztof Kolberger / Adam Kruszewski / Romuald Tesarowicz / Warsaw Boys Choir / Warsaw Philharmonic Choir / Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra / Antoni Wit / 2004-01-20


Penderecki’s St Luke Passion takes as its model the Passions of Bach, the events leading up to the Crucifixion related in an ongoing sequence of narratives, arias and choruses. Its stark simplicity and directness attracted worldwide attention and it was quickly performed many times in Europe and the USA. For many, here at last was a piece of contemporary music which made an immediate emotional impact, and the use of contemporary compositional techniques served only to reinforce the dramatic power of the work. In 1964 West German Radio commissioned a large-scale choral work to commemorate the seven hundredth anniversary of the consecration of Munster Cathedral: the Passio et mors Domini nostri Iesu Christi secundum Lucam, to give Penderecki’s St Luke Passion its full Latin title, was the outcome. That the year of its première on 30th March 1966 also marked the thousandth anniversary of the introduction of Christianity into Poland, is a fact of which Penderecki must have been well aware.

Krzysztof Penderecki: St Luke Passion的曲目列表

St. Luke Passion
01. Part I: O Crux ave (Hymn 'Vexilla Regis prodeunt') 05:06
02. Part I: Et egressus (St. Luke) 01:49
03. Part I: Deus meus (Psalm 21) 03:52
04. Part I: Domine, quis habitabit (Psalms 14, 4 & 15) 04:28
05. Part I: Adhuc eo loquente (St. Luke) 02:08
06. Part I: Ierusalem (Lamentation of Jeremiah) 01:25
07. Part I: Ut quid, Domine (Psalm 9) 01:17
08. Part I: Comprehendentes autem eum (St. Luke) 01:57
09. Part I: Iudica me, Deus (Psalm 42) 01:10
10. Part I: Et viri, qui tenebant illum (St. Luke) 02:11
11. Part I: Ierusalem (Lamentation of Jeremiah) 01:22
12. Part I: Miserere mei, Deus (Psalm 55) 04:04
13. Part I: Et surgens omnis (St. Luke) 04:19
14. Part II: Et in pulverem (Psalm 21) 00:45
15. Part II: Et baiulans sibi crucem (St. Luke) 00:13
16. Part II: Popule meus (Improperia) 07:46
17. Part II: Ibi crucifixerunt eum (St. Luke) 01:47
18. Part II: Crux fidelis (Antiphons from 'Pange lingua') 05:00
19. Part II: Dividentes vero (St. Luke) 01:12
20. Part II: pulverem mortis (Psalm 21) 05:39
21. Part II: Et stabat populus (St. Luke) 01:31
22. Part II: Unus autem (St. Luke) 02:03
23. Part II: Stabant autem iuxta crucem (St. John) 01:01
24. Part II: Stabat Mater (Sequence) 07:38
25. Part II: Erat autem fere hora sexta (St. Luke, St. John) 01:26
26. Part II: Alla breve 01:05
27. Part II: In pulverem mortis... / In te, Domine, speravi (Psalm 30) 04:08
Izabela Klosinska, soprano / Krzysztof Kolberger, reader / Adam Kruszewski, baritone / Romuald Tesarowicz, bass
Warsaw Boys Choir / Warsaw Philharmonic Choir
Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra
Antoni Wit, Conductor

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