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Tokio Hotel / 2007-07-02


2007 release of the band's killer debut album! Tokio Hotel are a teenage phenomenon in Germany and across Europe. The band are lead singer/ songwriter Bill (who is all of 17) has been singing and writing lyrics since he was nine. His twin brother Tom (also only 17) has played the guitar for 6 years. In 2001, Bill & Tom met bassist Georg (18) & drummer Gustav (17) at a gig. They decided to form Tokio Hotel and immediately began working on songs. This debut album went to No. 1 in Germany and at this writing has sold 10 x Platinum (worldwide)! Each their first 5 singles hit Number 1 in Germany and their debut tour was a 43 date sellout, playing to over 400,000 people. The Echo Awards (Germany's equivalent of The Brits) named them "Best Newcomer 2005", MTV France pronounced them "Best Newcomer 2006", The World Music awards proclaimed them "Best Selling German Act 2006" and The European Border Breaker Awards declared them the "Best Selling German Act 2006".

Room 483的曲目列表

1. Scream
2. Ready Set Go!
3. Monsoon
4. Love Is Dead
5. Don't Jump
6. On the Edge
7. Sacred
8. Break Away
9. Rescue Me
10. Final Day
11. Forgotten Children
12. By Your Side

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