Race of Cain

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Forgotten Woods / 2007-06-19


Legendary Norwegian black metal group FORGOTTEN WOODS returns after a 10-year hiatus. Raise of Cain is no comeback album however. Rather it's a continuation of the band's singular style and vision, showing that their brand of ultra-raw, grim black metal has much room for originality within its boundaries. 20 Buck Spin will reissue the band's 1990s back catalog later in the year.

Race of Cain的曲目列表

1. Race Of Abel (Intro)
2. One Day
3. A Landmine Reprisal
4. Intolerance Is The New Law
5. Jedem Das Seine/Erasing The Fuckhead Majority
6. Here, In The Obsession
7. The Principle And The Whip
8. Nightly Paradise
9. Third Eye (New Creature)

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