We Are Him

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Angels of Light / 2007-08-28


We Are Him is the fifth album from Angels of Light, the main vehicle for Michael Gira's music since he disbanded Swans in 1997. Gira is also known lately as the label master and in-house producer for Young God Records, responsible for the likes of Devendra Banhart, Akron/Family, and Lisa Germano, among many others, further widening the scope and influence of his 25 years of music-making. We Are Him is a potent new chapter in a fiercely individual and remarkable musical journey. Backing/contributing musicians include Akron/Family, Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Swans, Robert Fripp, and currently drummer for both Robyn Hitchcock and REM), Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons) Christoph Hahn (longtime Angel and former Swan) and many, many more...

"Michael Gira taught me that you don't need to play loud to play heavy, you don't need to compromise to be a success to those who really count. He is one of maybe ten people in the whole world who inspired me to pick up a guitar and try to write songs in the first place...We Are Him is an intimidating great album and a highlight in a career of highlights." - James Toth / Wooden Wand

"We Are Him is the most assured and relaxed Angels of Light album since the debut, and deserves to be considered alongside Gira's highest peaks. The frightening rage of old Swans surfaces several times, albeit in more bucolic clothing; the contrast is bracing... The title track is like a pure shot of adrenaline. An intimate, unexpected masterpiece." - John Darnielle/The Mountain Goats

"The moment i played We Are Him my heart exploded with the feeling 'that voice!!!!!!' and it has done it to me every time i have ever heard it since... now is the best Michael Gira has ever sounded and i cannot without sounding insanely thrilled express how much this means to me. We Are Him is touching, frightening, wonderfully different and whole." - Jamie Stewart / Xiu Xiu

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Black River Song


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