The Sound of Summer Silence

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Po / 2007-07-28


Po是丹麦音乐人Daniel Porcelli的化名.13岁就开始音乐生涯的Po,深受Styrofoam,Manual及Múm的影响.07年发行的"The Sound Of Summer Silence",是他的首张专辑.整张专辑沉静绵长,节奏错落有致,清脆的电音细碎细腻,舒缓的旋律如同阳光般温暖,让所有烦躁情绪沉淀.
Born near Copenhagen just about 18 years ago, Daniel Porcelli (Po) began his musical career at 13. Two years later, he began experimenting with computer music, inspired by projects like Styrofoam, Manual, and múm, and has been painting musical abstracts since at a feverish pace.
His distinctive sound encompasses a myriad of instrumentation, electronics, and handmade sound. Without the use of software synths or plug-ins, his music is carefully created using a laptop, acoustic instruments, and voice. The result is similar to a carefully carved ice-sculpture: something immediate yet fleeting.
Mostly ambient with some scattered beats ("Seconds"), Po uses cello, bells, acoustic guitar, and vocals to extremely subtle lengths. In the same spirit of Eno's original ambient thesis, that ambient music can work at either loud or soft volume, ...Summer Silence acts as both something to focus attention on and as background soundtrack, and is equally compelling in either setting.Fresh like clear skies and as wistful as a sun-baked memory.

The Sound of Summer Silence的曲目列表

1. At Last 4:32
2. Summer Morning 4:09
3. A Tree In the Palm of My Hand 4:04
4. Slow Stream 4:22
5. The Sound of Summer Silence 5:32
6. Floating Against the Stream 4:14
7. Ten One 4:24
8. Morning Poem 2:17
9. Seconds 6:07
10. Broken Fingers 6:48

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