The Regional Variations

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Swimmer One / 2007-09-10


Two awkward perfectionists from Scotland, Andrew Eaton and Hamish Brown are Swimmer One. they make intelligent leftfield pop, but not the kind that fits neatly into any box. think belle and sebastian, the klf, the associates, the blue nile and the chemical brothers. Keep thinking and then you'll arrive where swimmer one have arrived. 'the regional variations' is swimmer one's debut album. Its 11 songs cover the following subjects: dreaming about being watched while you drown; a man driven insane by a mysterious low frequency noise; an irrational fear of reality tv; what losing a loved one has in common with watching musicians you love sell out; falling in love with a fake person on the internet and not knowing how to find them when their identity is deleted; what religious doctrine has in common with company policy; dreaming about watching somebody else drown; dark secrets blurted out; shouting from the sidelines vs changing things from within; trying to save the world; deciding not to try and save the world and heading for the beach instead.

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Drowning Nightmare #1


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