mirror flake

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Cokiyu / 2007-07-11


"The new standard of japanese contemporary pop music."
Second release from flau is solo debut album of japanese female artist cokiyu. it's the latest type bedroom pop that sounds in a delicate beautiful track,sweet shoegaze sounds with a musical instruments such as toy piano,musical box and guitar (takayasu ueda plays) are organically mixed the gentle whispar voice that have been announced also with curveland of aus.For fans of mum,midaircondo and caroline.
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cokiyu, who was born in Ehime, finished her master degree of musicology study in Sonology Depertment of Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo. From her student time, she had created works using Max/MSP, the works like contemporary music for voice and woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments. She started to do live performance in 2002, and opened her works to the public with the web. Since 2006 she hasparticipated in some compilation albums, and also has worked as the vocalist of aus, and in 2007 she became the member of Shugo Tokumaru & The Magic Band as the toy pianist.

mirror flake的曲目列表

02.Hedgehog's Wedding
03.Mirror Flake
06.In The Air
08.Piano and Frog
10.Star Takes A Rest

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