High School Musical The Concert

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Drew Seeley / Vanessa Anne Hudgens / Ashley Tisdale / Lucas Grabeel / Corbin Bleu / Monique Coleman / 2007-06-26


歌舞青春(High School Musical)是迪士尼頻道原創電影,裡面充滿了舞蹈和音樂。電影講述了兩個天性熱愛音樂的孩子特洛伊和凱碧歐拉嘗試進入學校的音樂劇。不管同學們的阻撓他們的夢想,堅持應對自己想要的夢想。
在劇中集結演戲,歌唱和跳舞等才華於一身的年輕卡司 - 艾希莉、薇尼、柯賓布魯、莫妮卡柯曼、盧卡斯葛雷畢爾以及 加拿大新生代男歌手 朱兒希利 在【歌舞青春演唱會】中,無不使出混身解數,展現年輕世代歌唱與舞蹈才華的極致力量!他們時而大合唱,時而勁歌熱舞,時而深情款款互唱情歌,再度將【歌舞青春】中無數首 膾炙人口的好歌做出最完美的詮釋。
現在就 熱情邀請您一同體驗這場本年度最大的音樂盛事 !除了能 欣賞到這些明星們以全新的方式演唱你最喜歡的歌曲,再次感受到無比熱情活力外,本片還特別收錄了他們的獨家幕後專訪哦!還有 DVD 超級通行證,讓您 選擇熱門歌曲的畫面並成為音樂錄影帶導演。
To bridge the gap between the smash hit Disney Channel original movie and its 2007 sequel, the cast of High School Musical embarked on a North American tour in 2006-2007. If you missed out on the experience of hearing thousands of screaming tween-age kids (probably 80% girls), never fear: the concert is now on DVD. The almost-complete cast comes out to perform every number from the movie, plus numbers by Vanessa Hudgens ("Say OK"), Corbin Bleu ("Push It to the Limit," "Marchin'"), and Ashley Tisdale ("We'll Be Together"), all promoting their solo albums. It's not a stage version of the show--while there's choreography and video clips, the songs aren't performed in order and there's no plot explanation. And at 56 minutes, it's a bit shorter than the actual show was (missing some solo numbers and stage banter). But the kids put out tons of energy and continually thank their fans. Also on hand are Lucas Grabeel, who serves as MC, and Monique Coleman. The only principal absent is Zac Efron (who was filming Hairspray), but Drew Seeley (who cowrote "Get'cha Head in the Game" and reportedly dubbed Efron in the movie) does a good job filling in. DVD bonus features include four songs from the opening set by Jordan Pruitt, a nine-minute making-of featurette, an option to choose camera angles, and a half-minute peek at High School Musical 2. --David Horiuchi
Product Description
High School Musical has swept the world with its great songs, fabulous production, and positive role models. Now the TV phenomenon is hitting the road with High School Musical on tour! Most of the television stars will be a part of the cast, including Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman, with Drew Seeley (who wrote "Get’cha Head in the Game") taking the part played by Zac Efron on TV.

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