A Beauty To Fight For

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The Shadow Project / 流行 / 2007-06-11


由Tom,Ste,Stewart,Tim及Ben五人组成的后摇团The Shadow Project来自英国东海岸.继04年的"Objects Appear"和"Voices"两张EP后,于07年6月发行他们的首张专辑"A Beauty To Fight For".整张专辑旋律流畅,节奏欢快悦耳,人声部分极为出彩,透出几分感性,如同其美丽封套中所传达出的意境,值得静下来细细品味.
Being described as 'Cooler than Cool', and the receivers of noteworthy praise from Sigur Ros manager John Best, The Shadow Project are reworking the so called 'Post Rock' dynamism into a fabulously malevolent electronically minded noise fest of beauty and melody, a 'Post-pop / ambient / joy wank' of sorts. A five piece from the tractor trodden plains of Suffolk, the band have already become regulars on the London scene, have released two EP's - "Objects Appear" and "Voices" which were both released in 2004.They are secretly planning world domination from a hidden location somewhere in Felixstowe. Make your life more interesting and go see them live.

A Beauty To Fight For的曲目列表

Track Listing:
1. All The Pretty Things
2. Never Come Down
3. We Found Ourselves...
4. ...And All Is Fine
5. Being Here (So Confusing)
6. Accept What You Destroy
7. A Beauty To Fight For
8. Voices
9. Your Sky's On Fire
10. Don't Be A Stranger

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