Another Day On The Terrace

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Sunlounger / 2007-08-20

Another Day On The Terrace的曲目列表

01. Another Day On The Terrace (Album Mix)
02. In & Out
03. White Sand
04. Losing Again
05. A Balearic Dinner (feat. Seiscuerdas)
06. Crawling (feat. Zara)
07. Aguas Blancas
08. Keep Our Ring
09. Hierbas Ibicencas
10. Lounging By The Sea
11. Shine On Me
12. Lumimba
01. Another Day On The Terrace (Intro Club Mix)
02. In & Out (Original Mix)
03. Hierbas Ibicencas
04. Crawling (feat. Zara)
05. White Sand (DJ Shah's Original Mix)
06. Keep Our Ring
07. A Balearic Dinner (feat. Seiscuerdas)
08. Losing Again
09. Lounging By The Sea
10. Aguas Blancas (DJ Shah's Original Mix)
11. Shine On Me

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