You Already Know

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Agallah The Don Bishop / 说唱 / 2006-08-08


You Already Know is the long-awaited debut album from "the Don Bishop" Agallah formerly known as 8-off The Asassin. You Already Know was released August 22, 2006 its first single was "Club Hoppin'". A video was shot for its second single "New York Ryder Music". It features appearances from Dj Premier who also produced the song. You Already Know has received very high reviews. It features Kool G Rap, The Alchemist, Ike Eyes, and Dead Prez.

You Already Know的曲目列表

1. "Look At You Now" - (intro)
2. "In The Ghetto" - (featuring Ike Eyes, M1)
3. "Hardcore"
4. " Losing My Mind" - (featuring Carl Anthony)
5. "Artificial Love" - (featuring Umi, Stic.Man, Real Estate)
6. "New York Ryder Music" - (Prod. By DJ Premier)
7. "Whats Hood?"
8. "Ride Out(O.G.G.G.)" - (featuring The Alchemist)
9. "Yeah Baby" - (featuring Ike Eyes)
10. "Words From Prodigy(of Mobb Deep)"
11. "Built For This" - (featuring Ike Eyes)
12. "I'm Gettin Money"
13. "On The Ave"
14. "Right Now!" - (featuring Kool G. Rap)
15. "Club Hoppin'"
16. "Can You Dig It?"
17. "Take Me Back"
18. "Mama(Mom R.I.P.)" - (featuring Big V, Clutch of Nappy Roots)
19. "Cry For Help"

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