Music for the Horse Hospital

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Nurse With Wound/Current 93


Extremely limited 2 CD set featuring music written and performed by Current Ninety-Three and Nurse With Wound especially for the art exhibition by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton at London's Horse Hospital gallery and performance space between April 4th 2002 and May 4th 2002. The set was originally only available from the internet and at the exhibition and the small Current Ninety Three performances in April. The CDs come in a full color, double sided wrap card cover, with artwork from David Tibet, and images supplied by Steven Stapleton, and a six-sided insert with details and line up. The piece by Current Ninety Three 'ArcheAplephTelos' is over forty minutes. The Nurse With Wound piece is Salt and is over 60 minutes. 2002.

Music for the Horse Hospital的曲目列表

ArcheAplephTelos - Current Ninety Three


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