9 Lives

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Kat DeLuna / 2007-08-07


Look no further, this summer's main course has been cooked up and a fiery young newcomer named Kat Deluna has served it. Whine Up featuring Elephant Man is not only a smash, it's a dance, and it's soon to be a global movement. Led by the 19 year old star on the rise, Kat's debut album 9 Lives is sure to have chart topping release late this summer.

9 Lives的曲目列表

1. 9 Lives (Intro)
2. Run The Show (featuring Shaka Dee)
3. Am I Dreaming
4. Whine Up (featuring Elephant Man)
5. Feel What I Feel
6. Love Me, Leave Me
7. In The End
8. Love Confusion
9. Animal
10. Be Remembered (featuring Shaka Dee)
11. Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12. Whine Up (En Español) Bonus track
13. Como Un Sueno (Am I Dreaming En Espanol) bonus track
14. Run The Show (En Español) bonus track

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