Searching for the Simple Life

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Eight Legs / 2007-09-18


2008 debut from these young British upstarts. Despite being either 18 (singer and guitarist Sam Jolly, drummer Jack Garside) or 19 (bassist Adam Neil and guitarist Jack Wharton), there's a melancholy to Eight Legs that evokes experience rather than innocence. Songs like 'Climb the Walls' and 'These Grey Days' speak of parties that ended in drunken disaster, text message arguments between estranged young couples, and even that perennial rock and roll topic, boredom. Yet somehow the music lifts the mundane teenage neuroses into something strangely grand, beautiful, and universal. 11 tracks. Weekender.

Searching for the Simple Life的曲目列表

1. Wear That Shirt
2. Vicious
3. Freaking Out The Neighbours
4. Eight Legs
5. Simple Life
6. Pass The Bucket
7. Tell Me What Went Wrong
8. Spilt Milk
9. Blood Sweat Tears
10. Can't Slow Down
11. These Grey Days
12. Hopes Away (Bonus Track)

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