Big Fun City/Blue Sisters Swing

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Flesh for Lulu / 摇滚 / 2001-10-06


The latest release as part of Cherry Red's Goth Collector Series sees the release of the 'Big Fun City' (1985) plus the bonus mini album 'Blue Sisters Swing' (1985) with two bonus tracks 'Anti-Social' & '1970 (Feel Alright-live)' essential albums in any Goth Rocker's collection. The 'Big Fun City' album is recognized as the band's finest as they flew the flag for powerful dark rock 'n' roll around the world in the mid 1980's. The band is seen as one of the leading lights of this ever popular genre. The CD booklet includes sleeve notes written by lead vocalist & guitarist Nick Marsh & lead guitarist Rocco Barker, & an extensive discography featuring all the band's sleeves sourced from the band's own collection. 2001.

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Baby Hurricane


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