Sinfantin Och Mörkret

8.8 38人评价

Hans Appelqvist / 2007-06-19


This is the fourth full-length release for Sweden's Hans Appelqvist, his third for the Häpna label. Hot on the heels of his last record Naima, released in November 2006, Hans has a new album ready, entitled Sifantin och mörkret, containing 12 new tracks and a beautiful video for "Tänk att himlens alla stjärnor," made by Andreas Nilsson (The Knife, José Gonzales and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives). The music shows Hans from a new side, the album being more open and spontaneous than previous works. Animal noises, doors creaking, children shouting, delicate acoustic guitar, and rollicking instrumentals, Sifantin och mörkret is a patchwork symphony. It oscillates between the sweet and grotesque, the nice and the ugly, harmony and terror, light and darkness. As Appelqvist lyrically proclaims, "Me, a cuckoo. Of all the great things in Africa my eyes have met, one I can never forget. On the savannah a rhinoceros stood proudly, gazing in the distance. Its belly ripped open in battle with the one that always wants more."

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