Sold for Tomorrow

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The Moog / 2007-04-10


"This great band finally has the chance to conquer the world." - WAN 2

"The Moog is one of the most popular new bands in Hungary for two reasons: 1. They can write hits; 2. They look like models." - FLYERZ

"Amazing music and stage presence. The Moog is poised to be very successful." - Zenész

"How can this barely two-year-old band capture everyone's attention? The fact is that they can write hits-which should make them huge at commercial radio in any country." - PESTI EST

Sold for Tomorrow is the debut release by Budapest-based alternative rock band The Moog, Hungary's hottest new export (musical or otherwise). The album, mixed by Nirvana and Hot Hot Heat producer Jack Endino, will undoubtedly get the attention of press, radio, and indie rock fans alike-not only because of the band's unique Eastern European roots (the press calls them the Hungarian Strokes), but simply because Sold for Tomorrow is an amazing album full of immediately catchy pop songs.

The Moog takes their inspiration from sixties rock `n' roll bands (The Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks, Sonics) and late seventies punk (Ramones, Blondie), as well as an assorted variety of rock groups (Nirvana, Muse, Blur, Libertines). "I Like You"-the album's first single-recalls the classic pop feel of early Lennon-McCartney songwriting with an innocent-yet-direct pop style, while "Survive" brings to mind The Passenger-era Iggy Pop with its hypnotic melody and clipped guitar chords. The Moog is causing big waves on MySpace, where the band enjoys much adulation from their ever-growing number of fans in both Europe and the US. Sold for Tomorrow is the first musical statement from this young Hungarian rock band, and its music promises it won't be their last.

Sold for Tomorrow的曲目列表

1. Your Sweet Neck
2. Everybody Wants
3. I Don't Want You Now
4. I Like You
5. Never Hide!
6. If I Died
7. Anyone
8. Survive
9. Goodbye
10. Xanax Youth

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