The Ghost That Carried Us Away

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Seabear / 民谣 / 2007-08-17


Seabear来自独立音乐重镇冰岛,刚开始仅有Sindri Már Sigfússon一人,逐渐发展到现在的七人乐队.首张专辑"The Ghost That Carried Us Away",在柏林著名独立/电音厂牌Morr Music下发行.唱片封套是一如既往的Morr风格:圆形的凌乱字体加童稚的画风.整张专辑没有半点的华丽和不实,都是一种自然的展现.颤抖的吉他颤音和有趣的鼓击,口琴,弦乐,温暖的Vocal,唯美,安静,值得慢慢欣赏.
Seabear is a seven piece and this is their first full-length album, but previously they′ve released the EP Singing Arc. Reykjavík′s hipsters seem to like them and talk avidly about their concerts. The world is also taking notice, the influential German label Morr Music handles the release outside Iceland. Not bad for a debut record. The music is easy listening educated pop/country, Beck comes to mind and at times Benni Hemm Hemm. It floats harmlessly in the background, the home production and recording giving it a warm feel. On this album Seabear relies heavily on acoustic guitars, harmonicas and violins to deliver their one slow track after another. Seabear knows how to write songs and the arrangements are at times innovative but the songs melt into one cute, but boring, soup.

The Ghost That Carried Us Away的曲目列表

1. Good Morning Scarecrow
2. Cat Piano
3. Libraries
4. Hospital Bed
5. Hands Remember
6. I Sing I Swim
7. Owl Walz
8. Arms
9. Sailors Blue
10. Lost Watch
11. Summer Bird Diamonds
12. Seashell

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