XXYears 1985 -- 2005

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The Young Gods / 2005-6-18


Spring 2005 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Young Gods. Their radical use of the sampler in the eighties marked them out as one of the first to twist the rock sound into something futuristic and fresh. Still light years ahead of their current contemporary competition, The Young Gods plan a year long series of events to celebrate this landmark. This 2 CD limited edition pressing features 35 total tracks including 'Gasoline Man', 'Did You Miss Me', 'L'Amourir', 'Child In The Tree', 'Pas Mal', 'Secret', 'Skinflowers' (Brainforest mix), 'End' (Live in Geneva), 'Sound In Your Eyes' (Naive mix) and many more. Pias. 2005.

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Secret (Unreleased)


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