Like A Rose

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Ashley Monroe / 民谣 / 2013-03-05


Like a Rose was a long time coming. Monroe has been creating music for more than half of her life attracting along the way kudos from such music world giants as Dolly Parton, Guy Clark, Vince Gill and Jack White. Her 2013 full-length album release serves both to fill in the back-story and impart to us who she is today. At times her songs are dead serious, at others utterly hilarious, but always Monroe is an original with a compelling story to share. Some of the songs were written for the album; others date back several years and felt right to revisit. The semi-autobiographical title track, one of the uncontestable highlights of the set, was co-written over five years ago with another totem of the American song-crafting community, Texan legend Guy Clark. And fresh it all is. Like a Rose avoids the trappings of too much contemporary music by sticking to the basics: memorable songs, incredible musicians, a superb voice, all of it captured honestly and without frills. As the saying goes, sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses. Take a whiff of Like a Rose and you ll find it smells pretty darn sweet.

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Like A Rose


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