The Decca Stereo Anthology DISK2

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The Zombies / 1964


2002 compilation featuring the British Invasion act's entire recorded output during their tenure at Decca 1964-66, outtakes & all, presented in fresh, crisp stereo mixes, all mastered to 24-bit with only one overdub from the original mono (out of necessity Zombies' drummer Hugh Grundy rerecorded his part on 'She's Not There' to match his original). 48 tracks. Big Beat.

The Decca Stereo Anthology DISK2的曲目列表

1-1. It's Alright With Me
1-2. I must move
1-3. Just Out Of Reach
1-4. Summertime
1-5. Nothing's Changed
1-6. Leave Me Be
1-7. Kind Of Girl
1-8. Sometimes
1-9. I'm Goin' Home
1-10. Road runner-n
1-11. Sticks and stones
1-12. Wallking In The Sun
1-13. I Don't Want To Know
1-14. Tell Her No
1-15. Is This The Dream
1-16. Indication
1-17. I'll Call You Mine
1-18. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
1-19. She Does Everything For Me
1-20. I Got My Mojo Working
1-21. You've Really Got a Hold On Me
1-22. I Can't Make Up My Mind
1-23. Work 'N' Play
1-24. Want You Back Again (single version)
2-1. She's Coming Home
2-2. I must move
2-3. You make me feel good
2-4. Remember You (Soundtrack Version)
2-5. Nothing's Changed
2-6. I'll Keep Trying
2-7. Don't Go Away
2-8. Whenever You're Ready
2-9. How We Were Before
2-10. I Love You
2-11. If It Don't Work Out
2-12. I Know She Will
2-13. Don't cry for me
2-14. Remember you (single version)
2-15. Is This The Dream
2-16. Indication
2-17. I'll Call You Mine
2-18. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
2-19. She Does Everything For Me
2-20. Goin' out of my head
2-21. Leave Me Be (Backing Track Take 1)
2-22. Work N' Play (Take 2 False Start - Take 3)
2-23. Just Out Of
2-24. Whenever you're ready (backing

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