Modern Vampires Of The City

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Vampire Weekend / 摇滚 / 2013-05-07


Modern Vampires of the City is the 2013 third studio album by American indie rock band Vampire Weekend. The group began to write songs for the record during soundchecks on the supporting concert tour for their 2010 album Contra. After a period in which each member explored individual musical projects, they regrouped and continued working on Modern Vampires of the City in 2011. With no deadline in mind, the band brought in an outside record producer for the first time, Ariel Rechtshaid, to record the album.

Modern Vampires Of The City的曲目列表

01 Obvious Bicycle
02 Unbelievers
03 Step
04 Diane Young
05 Don't Lie
06 Hannah Hunt
07 Everlasting Arms
08 Finger Back
09 Worship You
10 Ya Hey
11 Hudson
12 Young Lion

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