Cold Jubilee (Of the Snowqueen)

8.5 41人评价

Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc. / June 2007


Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc. are Matthias Macht (drums), Heiko Schramm (bass), Thomas Heil (turntables, sampler) and Matthias Petzold (keyboards, guitar, vocals), and this is their fourth album. Based in Dresden, Germany, and deeply rooted in a love for instrumental, post-rock driven sound, the band successfully integrates electronic sound design, samples, turntable scratches and experiments into their sound, making their music a melting pot of styles and genres, attracting fans from pop, indie, jazz, dance, even classical camps. Cold Jubilee (Of The Snowqueen) marks a turning point in the band's history, adding lyrics to their instrumental kingdom. Heavily influenced by film scores and by the aspiration to merge sound and images, the members of the band always have images in their heads when writing and recording music. Cold Jubilee... takes you on an emotional rollercoaster which has yet to be built. The open-hearted, piano-based "88" combines the simplicity of Wim Mertens' melodies with a jazz drummer's early morning lullaby, "On Top Of The Mountain" hits you with a hypnotic bassline from Chicago with irritating yet assuring vocal samples, while tracks like "Day After," "Time Now" or "Dead Bill" are at the center of the "new" Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc., showcasing Petzold's vocals on top of the finest tracks the band has ever written. Cold Jubilee (Of The Snowqueen) is the perfect companion for times when time does not matter.

Cold Jubilee (Of the Snowqueen)的曲目列表

1 Exit 0:32
2 Living in the Future 3:47
3 88 4:28
4 On the Top of the Mountain 3:20
5 Next Room 3:36
6 Follow Me 4:16
7 Day After 3:25
8 Cold Jubilee 4:07
9 World Without You 2:02
10 Dead Bill 3:28
11 Time Now 4:05
12 ... Of the Snowqueen 4:01

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