Internal Salvation

8.8 150人评价

The Unseen / 2007-07


Over the past two years, this Boston band has toured non-stop around the world, headlining and also supporting such heavyweights as Tiger Army, Rancid, Hatebreed, Dropkick Murphys, and Sick Of It All. This, their second album, finds them staying true to their punk roots, with classic anthemic choruses and head-cracking beats. "The Unseen are punks, pirates, pioneers, and Peter Pan, all rolled into one band" - Alternative Press.

Internal Salvation的曲目列表

1 The Brutal Truth (intro)
2 Such Tragedy
3 At Point Break
4 Right Before Your Eyes
5 Torn & Shattered (Nothing Left)
6 Break Away
7 Let It Go
8 No Direction
9 In Your Place
10 Left For Dead
11 Step Inside.. Take Your Life
12 Act The Part
13 Talking Bombs

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