This Way

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Acoustic Alchemy / 爵士 / 2007-06-05


Acoustic Alchemy are the British acoustic guitar duo of Greg Carmichael and Miles Gilderdale, and with "This Way" they are celebrating a remarkable two decades since their debut with 1987's Red Dust. For all this time they have been a quiet phenomenom, constantly topping the jazz charts in the USA, being nominated for GRAMMY's and touring the world. Following the pop-soul vibe of 2005's "American English", the duo have delivered their most aggressive and swinging, hard rocking and artfully jazzy disc to date. The regular touring/recording band of Terry Disley, Snake Davis, Fred White, Julian Crampton and Greg Grainger are joined by guests such as the buzz-of-today pianist Neil Cowley, trumpeter Rick Braun, saxman Jeff Kashiwa and, on the reggae-tinged Ernie, the great Specials Trombonist, Dennis Rollins. Just two tracks, "Out of Nowhere" and "This Way" feature only the duo - the rest are a fine mix of old-school soul/jazz, funk, reggae, and rock with a mixture of electric guitars, acoustic guitars and the horn section all combining to create a smooth but completely passionate album of classy jazzy guitar music.
來自英國的Acoustic Alchemy,用純正的Smooth Jazz演繹著夏天、歌詠著夏天、愛撫著夏天。

This Way的曲目列表

1 Love Is All There Is 4:22
2 Ernie 6:34
3 Who Knows 3:56
4 Slampop 4:47
5 Out of Nowhere 3:38
6 This Way 4:41
7 Tied Up With Spring 5:12
8 Only in My Dreams 5:52
9 Carlos the King 5:52
10 Egg 5:11
11 Now I'm on My Way 4:44

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