Vs. The Snow

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The Lovekevins / 2008-04-03


Swedish duo of Lindefelt, abstract sound artist, & Fredrik, pop visionary & songwriter par excellence. Fusing musique concrète-style collages of sound w/ iconic pop arrangements that are both gradually mind-invading & comfortingly direct. Recorded w/ a minimum of equipment, this album was built largely by gluing pieces of Lindefelt's abstract sounds,lyrics & voice to Fredrik's simple, beautiful melodies. The resulting 11 (including 1 bonus song for kora) tracks make or a crisp, melancholy noise- pop cocktail w/ a human warmth & dark sense of humor

Vs. The Snow的曲目列表

1. Anorak And Other Complicated Words Beginning With An A
2. Eurovision
3. Tamagochi Freestyle
4. Down By Law
5. Private Life Of A Cat
6. Tandem Bikes
7. Transistor Tropics
8. Blakboy Vs. The Snow
9. The Love Of Little Things
10. Yellow Ribbons

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