Ezra Moon

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Autumn Shade / 2007-03-13


"Her fragile, intimate voice recalling fellow proud Midwesterner Conor Oberst, Lenee' leads a Tulsa outfit that's gaining renown for spare, deeply empathetic alt-folk tunes." --CNET Download.com

Autumn Shade is the nom de plume of Jes Lenee', a stunning young songstress brimming with unbridled talent. Toting a satchelful of pensively beautiful tunes, Lenee' possesses a voice as pristine as any your ears have heard in this lifetime. The fact that Lenee' calls Tulsa, Oklahoma home only adds to the mystery, for her music is much more aligned with the astral plane than anything resembling the Okie Plains. A classically trained piano prodigy, Lenee' was penning songs at the age of eleven, many of which won award recognition.

Ultimately seduced by the craft of songwriting, Autumn Shade is a marriage of her piano prowess and folk-inspired guitar strumming, imbued in a heady ambiance and enveloped in some of the most heavenly, intimate vocals to have come down the pike in some time. Formed in 2002, the band self-released an EP entitled Grandfather's Attic, which caused a stir in the Tulsa and Midwest areas. Performing live, the band incorporates painter Derick Snow, who creates his pieces on stage, allowing the moods to dictate the whim of his creations and lending a tactile visual element to the music. Set to splash with their full-length debut Ezra Moon, Autumn Shade has concocted a fascinating foray into an ethereal yet emotionally raw netherworld.

Ezra Moon is a unique sepia-toned microcosm that intertwines folk, chamber music, psychedelia, rock, and indie singer/songwriter. With additional instrumentation of violin, hammer dulcimer, and percussion--as well as a healthy penchant for sonic experimentation--the sound is reminiscent of the female artists that helped define the 4AD sound. Jes Lenee's classical roots and compositional sense invoke the avant-chamber feel of Rachel's, if they were enveloped in the hazy folk atmosphere in which Marissa Nadler resides. Ezra Moon is an entrancing debut, inaugurating Autumn Shade into the contemporary folk scene with an understatedly personal and cinematic sound.

Ezra Moon的曲目列表

1. Sparrow
2. Home
3. Lilacglass
4. Violet
5. River
6. Seagarden
7. Spanish Willow
8. Fly Away
9. Red
10. Evelyn Star
11. Ezra Moon
12. Oak Tree

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