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Chimp Beams / 2007-03-09


?release info ?
? ?
?While giving this new Chimp Beams album a first listen, I found ?
?myself floating in a world of Twin Peaks dialogue, Lost in ?
?Translation imagery, and gut-wrenching Six Feet Under montages. ?
?Yes, it's that good. This electronic dub trio has been repping ?
?Brooklyn via Japan for a while now, and they do it with respect ?
?and consistency. Among the band members' side hustles is those ?
?fancy Concent accessories (type "Concent" in search) that you ?
?all love to buy from us. They also host great dub parties at ?
?BPM Studio, one of Williamsburg's best kept secrets. In between ?
?all that they make songs like "Menina(1)" which could easily ?
?have been too uplifting in the wrong hands, but damn if this ?
?nugget of joy doesn't make me want to walk through a garden in ?
?the rain with someone I love. If he had only had a boombox ?
?instead of a torch, I feel like Short Round could've used this ?
?song on Indy in the Temple of Doom to break him out of his evil ?
?spell. "11217(2)" already had me cradled as it was my first zip ?
?code in Brooklyn. The gritty pretty vibe has me open right now. ?
?You didn't know the slope was real like that, son! The somewhat ?
?sloppy dubs kill it in this one. They give me the same feeling ?
?in my stomach as I get walking down 5th Ave looking in the ?
?windows of coffee shops and restaurants at faces of people I ?
?will never know. I just read a line in a bell hooks book that ?
?says: "We do not know the truth that to be seen and not known ?
?is the ultimate abandonment." Welcome to New York City, baby. ?
?These Beams are really good at capturing the NY merging of ?
?endless possibility and bountiful potential for incredible ?
?lonliness. The mixture makes for really beautiful music and a ?
?really depressing review. It should be noted that I just ?
?watched a lot of "Sex in the City" and I have a stomach virus, ?
?a fever and a bumping headache right now. It's not that I ?
?retract anything I've said, but you may want to determine the ?
?depth on your own. Listen to the heavy happy of "Brooklyn ?
?Dub(3)", "Winter Song(4)", and "Dubzillian(5)" for a more ?
?complete taste. The cd and vinyl versions have different tracks ?
?but don't worry, you can buy them both. ?


?track list ?
? ?
?01. Sleep Talking 5:02 ?
?02. Brooklyn Dub 5:27 ?
?03. Menina 5:13 ?
?04. 11217 4:45 ?
?05. One Dub 5:29 ?
?06. Winter Song 3:44 ?
?07. Synthesized 2:19 ?
?08. R2-Libyus Mix 6:07 ?
?09. Ice Storm 5:18 ?
?10. Lost Nomad 4:14 ?
?11. Jamming Dub 5:50 ?
?12. DUBzilian 6:55 ?





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