There will be love there-愛のある場所-

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the brilliant green / 流行 / 1998-05-13


The Brilliant Green is a Japanese rock band from Kyoto formed in 1995. They were signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Their major debut single under Sony, "Bye Bye Mr. Mug", was released in 1997.

There will be love there-愛のある場所-的曲目列表

1-1(4:00) There will be love there-愛のある場所-
作詞:川瀬智子/作曲:奥田俊作/編曲:the brilliant green
1-2(4:20) YOU & I
作詞:川瀬智子/作曲:奥田俊作/編曲:the brilliant green

There will be love there-愛のある場所-的短评(11)

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