You Who Pretend To Sleep

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Joy Wants Eternity / 摇滚 / 2007-05-01


post rock/ambient
The most beautiful thing about bands like Explosions in the Sky, or Mogwai, is their ability to illustrate the entire spectrum of human emotion without the use of words - and Joy Wants Eternity is no different. This 5 piece instrumental group out of Seattle poured everything into their first full length album You Who Pretend to Sleep which is slated for release on May 22 and is comparable to Explosion's The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place. Their songs are lush, and full of ambient soundscapes that bend, twist, and mold to the mood of the listener. Every song tells a story, but never the same one twice. Bands like these pour their heart and soul into one song which will have an infinite number of meanings to each individual listener. Ambient guitar riffs brilliantly layered under beautiful keyboard melodies with the a familiar driving drum beat is a sound we've come to know and love. And as long as our imaginations are fully functional, we'll never get tired of it.

You Who Pretend To Sleep的曲目列表

1. Existences Rust
2. Above the Clouds Lies Eternal Sun
3. From Embrace to Embrace
4. Death is a Door the Opens
5. What Lies Beyond
6. Yet Onward We Marched
7. Uriel
8. You are the Vertical, You are the Horizon

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