What the Hell Do I Know?

7.5 92人评价

Illinois / 2007-03-06


"The lyrical depth of the Kinks sauteed with the musical overtones of the Flaming Lips and John Spencer Blues Explosion reduction" gushed one critic. Regardless of your leanings, and whether you're happy, mellow, drunk or confused, Illinois plays beautiful music that makes old loves new and the green grass grow.

What the Hell Do I Know?的曲目列表

1. "Alone Again" – 3:11
2. "Nosebleed" – 2:46
3. "What Can I Do for You" – 2:35
4. "One on One" – 2:33
5. "Screendoor" – 2:08
6. "Headphones" – 3:14
7. "Bad Day" – 3:01

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