The Hallowing

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Autumn Tears / 2007-06-05


Autumn Tears offer their final album, 'The Hallowing'. After a decade of evolution, the band has shed its neoclassical/darkwave/gothic sound, moving onto a more traditional classical/chamber music style. Drawing influences from such masters as Bach, Brahms, Hayden, Mahler and a host of others, 'The Hallowing' boasts rich and diverse musical arrangements in a light you've never heard Autumn Tears in before. The album employs fully live, authentic classical instrumentation including a live string section, woodwinds, oboe, french horn and haunting, operatic vocals. To add another edge of melancholy to this final A.T. event, the album will be strictly limited to a pressing of only 1000 copies worldwide. Dark Symphonies.

The Hallowing的曲目列表

1. Dies Irae 7:17
2. Keep me Here 3:39
3. Spirit 3:47
4. A Joyless Occasion 3:09
5. Thrush and Wake 3:41
6. Yearning for the Tide 4:00
7. The Funeral Bazaar 3:02
8. Canticle 5:05
9. The Last King Falls 3:29
10. The Hallowing 5:25

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