Say It

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Britt Nicole / 2007-05-22


Britt Nicole may be a new face to Christian music, but the catchy hooks and powerful energy in her Sparrow Records debut album Say It will not be quickly forgotten. Britt’s music is geared toward teenagers, with guitar driven hooks, thoughtful lyrics about real issues, and a bit of funky urban flair. She has worked with renowned producers Tedd T (Stacie Orrico, David Crowder*Band, Mutemath) and doubledutch (ZOEgirl, Mat Kearney) to create a unique fresh sound that will appeal to music fans everywhere. With her explosive and dynamic live show, Britt is already winning fans on the road at Winter Jam 2007, alongside Sanctus Real, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman and more.

Say It的曲目列表

01. Holiday
02. Believe
03. Set The World On Fire
04. Sunshine Girl
05. Ready
06. You
07. When She Cries
08. Good Day
09. Don't Worry Now
10. Say It
11. World The Breaks

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