Open Up

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林忆莲 / 流行 / 1995


" We are all one, existing on this earth but in order for us to truly live and have a better future it is of the utmost importance that we share and give of ourselves to one another. Only through this path can we evolve into better human beings. This album is my attempt to enter into a dialogue with you and share my innermost feelings.
To be totally honest and reveal myself in the spirit of love and compassion. No fear, no guilt, no shame... by looking inside we discover our inner self, in it's true form with all it's weaknesses and defects. But these are just norms imposed on us by society, hence a little rebellion is necessary in order for us to break away and see our true self in a different light. The music in this album embodies such a space. It is representative of the harmonious sharing of Eastern and Western cultures... the mingling of divergent people in a colorful collaboration as they come from all over Asia, United States and the United Kingdom.
May love, peace and happiness be there for everyone to embrace. "

Open Up的曲目列表

01. Overture
02. Never Give Up On Love
03. Steal A Kiss
04. Heart Beat
05. Tokyo Gray Line
06. Pieces Of Mind
07. Go For It!
08. Daisukina Jinsei (My Ideal Life)
09. Honnba
10. I'll Never Forget You
11. Remember

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