Guetta Blaster

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David Guetta / 电子 / 2007-03-20


French dj/producer extraordinaire, DAVID GUETTA, is no stranger to success or creating hits with two gold albums in Europe under his belt. In 2005 David won DJ of The Year at the House Music awards in London, `Live Set Of The Year' at WMC and also took home `Event of WMC' for his infamous `F*** Me I'm Famous' events. He was the highest New Entry in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll - and nominated for a prestigious Grammy for his Flashdanceremix. Guetta has swept the US with the smashes `Just a Little More Love' and his current charttopper `Love Don't Let Me Go' featuring The Egg. David teamed up with renown producer JoachimGarraud in bringing GUETTA BLASTER to life. The album is a creation of songs modeled on electro-pop classics of the 80's by such masters as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Dead Or Alive and New Order, but all original compositions. This album is sure to reiterate why David Guetta is such a prominent figure in electronic music!

Guetta Blaster的曲目列表

Money 3:06
Stay 3:30
The World Is Mine 3:38
Used To Be The One 4:07
Time 4:07
Open Your Eyes 4:16
AC/DC 4:02
In Love With Myself 4:27
Higher 3:43
Movement Girl 4:02
Get Up 3:03
Last Train 3:08
Old School Acid 3:18
Stay (Remix Edit) 3:27

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