My Everest

6.9 35人评价

The Swellers / 摇滚 / 2007-06-05


Two years after their national debut, The Swellers unveil their first full length effort. As a more diverse and introspective collective of songs, My Everest represents a natural evolution in their own unique sound with influences ranging from A Wilhelm Scream to Weezer. Discovering that there is more to punk rock than high speed tempos, My Everest seeks to explore all musical boundaries. This record is equally hopeful as it is pessimistic.

My Everest的曲目列表

1. Vehicle City
2. Bottles
3. The Flood
4. This Is My Everest
5. Clean Slate
6. Surrounded
7. What's At Stake
8. Rain Check
9. Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now
10. Skoots
11. Conscience, Meet Common Sense
12. The Way Back Home

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