Global Underground: Mexico City

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Adam Freeland / 2007-06-12

Global Underground: Mexico City的曲目列表

1. Faze Action-in the trees carl craig mix
2. Revl9n- Walking machine-sebastian mix
3. super discount- fuck
4. kim- wet & wild
5. mr oizo- half an edit
6. adam freeland- silverlake pills
7. kim- by the time they reach you-bagraiders mix
8. jape- floating- alex metric mix
9. Beauty School-disco sux- stonelions mix
10 oliver hunteman- 37 grad
11. justice- the phantom
12. minimal compact deadly weapons-optimo mix-
13. dj mehdi- signatune- tomas bangaltier mix/spank rock- bump-switch mix
14 .phones- sharpen the knives
15. trabant- the one- para one mix.
16. kavinsky- testatorssa. sebastian mix
17. Evil Nine- Happy Ending
CD 2.
1. space man three -ecstacy sympathy
2. my my -Butterflys and zebras
3. lee jones- there comes a time-prinz thomas mix
4. justus koehncke- advance
5. 120 days- come out
6. gui boratto- Terminal
7. james holden- lump
8. cobblestone jazz- dump truck
9. silversun pickups-lazy eye- adam freeland re-edit
10. substance and vainqueur-Immersion
11. fujiya and miyagi- ankle injuries- adam freeland re-edit
12. andrew weatherall-feathers
13. b movie- no where girl- adam freeland mix
14. mylo- paris 400- Aswefall remix
15. adam freeland-self

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