Jay Love Japan

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J Dilla / 2007-06-05


The album features guest vocalists, mostly rappers who were added to the music after the artist's death. The album was intended as an instrumental project during Dilla's lifetime. The album has an accompanying video series for each of its tracks available at http://www.dilla.biz, although the videos appear to be of the instrumental versions of the songs. The album is being released on the Operation Unknown label. In late 2006, a supposedly "promotional" version of the LP was leaked online, featuring certain MCs over beats specifically from Dilla's 2005 beat tapes. Operation Unknown label stepped in to assure that this was not the official version of the album, and that the actual album would be shorter, with almost completely different guests as well as different tracks.

Jay Love Japan的曲目列表

1. JLJ Intro
2. Yesterday
3. Say It (feat. Ta'Raach)
4. Oh Oh
5. Can't You See
6. First Time (feat. Baatin)
7. In the Streets
8. Feel the Beat
9. Believe in God
10. Say It (instrumental)

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