I Did it for Love


Brantley De' Angelo / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2007


The album “I did it for Love” was a long awaited project for the song writer. Having written songs for many years and now having the opportunity to present songs like “Just friends”, “I never want too..”, and “Its’ yours”; Brantley De’Angelo claims that he has a great deal more songs to share. As he eagerly waits to see the fruits of his labor, he believes there is still work to be done. Brantley D’Angelo is determined to stay focus and spiritually grounded while accomplishing his goals. From the mouth of Brantley De’Angelo, “No matter what you do, let it be for LOVE.”

I Did it for Love的曲目列表

01. believe in love ( intro )
02. excuse me miss
03. confused:
04. just friends
05. i never want too
06. senarita
07. somethings gotta change
08. it's yours
09. beautiful
10. true love
11. i did it for love
12. believe in love ( outro )
13. i know

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