Revenge Songs

7.7 300人评价

Jacob Golden / 2007-02-05


There is plenty to admire in this stunning debut by the LA-based singer-songwriter Jacob Golden: the tremulous aplomb with which his vocal manages to conjure and combine the best of Art Garfunkel, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith; the intimate style of his lyrics, which makes his songs sound like partially overheard conversations; and his distinctive melodic signature, at once anthemically Californian, in a way that reminds you of the Mamas and the Papas or Paul Simon, and modern in its sense of fragility and foreboding. Golden world feels like it might just explode any minute. But what a beautiful place it is to hang around, and how astonishing that a record that employs little more than an acoustic guitar and a voice can sound so sophisticated in its layering of echo and choral effects. Made on a tiny budget, apparently, in bedrooms and underground car parks, Revenge Songs is a must-buy.

Revenge Songs的曲目列表

01 - Out Come The Wolves
02 - Pretend
03 - On A Saturday
04 - I'm Your Man
05 - Church Of New Song
06 - Shine A Light
07 - Revenge Song
08 - Shoulders
09 - Love You
10 - Hold Your Hair Back
11 - Zero Integrity

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