Fist of the Northern Destroyer

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Clandestine Blaze / 2002


LP version released by End All Life Prouctions, limited to 400 hand-numbered
CD first edition released in 2002, limited to 1550 copies. Second edition
released in 2004, limited to 1000 copies, with lyric for track 1 printed on the
inlay. Full lyrics available on request from the label.

Fist of the Northern Destroyer的曲目列表

1. Fist Of The Northern Destroyer 05:10
2. Praising The Self 07:36
3. Doll Of Darkness 05:15
4. Ribs Of Virgin 03:20
5. There Comes The Day 03:49
6. Goat - Creative Alienation 07:46
7. I Have Seen... 10:05

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