Hello Mademoiselle

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Stéphane Pompougnac / 2007-06-04


This new studio album features once again prestigious and talented artists : Noémi, the singer of the band Zimpala (that you discovered on the Hotel Costes 9), is the sweet voice of "Ghosts & Roses", the first single extract from the album. The warm voice of Anthony Bambury has impressed Stéphane Pompougnac on the song "Hello Mademoiselle", which reminds the greatest of the american soul music, and giving his name to the album. The hip-hop slam of "Mondes Parallèles" is sung by the newcomer Ného and, as a special guest, Alain Chamfort, one of the best french singers for almost 30 years, offers his voice to the song "Ingrate". The other interprets featuring on the album are Tiger Lily (Better Days), Linda Lee Hopkins (Here's To You), Fred Cotegahh (Just To Love You), and his intimate friend Charles Schillings (Sunday Drive), the famous French DJ and house producer. For Stéphane Pompougnac, this second album is the perfect way to communicate his artistic sensitivity to all the music lovers, whether they listen to the Hôtel Costes compilations or not, in the lands of french pop, hip-hop and of course electronic music, that he composes and produces with his feeling and the elegant fluidity that makes his brand. 2007.

Hello Mademoiselle的曲目列表

1. Ghosts & Roses
2. Sunday Drive
3. Union Square
4. Ingrate
5. Better Days
6. L'Oiseau
7. Hello Mademoiselle
8. On The Road Again
9. Here's to You
10. Clock
11. Mondes Parallèles
12. Last Night
13. Sorry
14. Just to Love U
15. Here's to You

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